Philadelphia Theatre Critic's 2018 Best Supporting Actress Winner!

Triumph of Love

Triumph of Love at Bristol Riverside Theatre. With Adam Hoyak as Harlequin. Photo by Mark Garvin.

Philadelphia Inquirer

"And the very best thing here is wondrous Rebecca Robbins as Corine, maid of Léonide. What a voice..." 

Bucks County Herald

"Rounding out the small cast are three fierce supporting players: the golden-voiced Rebecca Robbins as Léonide’s servant Corine, a role one wishes included more solo singing for this beguiling songstress..."

Broad Street Review

"The musical only comes alive when its comic relief takes center stage. All praises to Rebecca Robbins, who lights up the production as Corine, Léonide’s lady-in-waiting, and sings the rest of the cast off the stage. She’s ready to headline a show of her own..."


"The acting is universally superb. Rebecca Robbins, as Leonide’s servant, Corine, is a particular delight, nailing tart-ish lines and providing unbridled pep whenever she’s on stage." 

Music Theatre International

  "I've never met an actress who hasn't enjoyed playing a man, and Alex Keiper seemed to relish the opportunity. And so did Rebecca Robbins as Corine, Leonide's maid - or Troy in her male guise.  "Guess it's time for a Harlequin romance," said Robbins with just enough of a wink." 

Souvenir, A Fantasia On The Life of Florence Foster Jenkins

Broadway World

Souvenir at Walnut Street Theatre. With Jonas Cohen as Cosme. Photo by Mark Garvin.

"Rebecca Robbins is Florence. It takes discipline not to throw in a true note once in a while. Yet it becomes astonishing clear how adept Robbins is in singing badly. The squawks that she emits when straining for high notes sound as if she were a goose trying to pass a kidney stone after inhaling helium. With Robbins' great charisma and nuance we soon become endeared to this fusty dowager despite her full-throated onslaught on tone and pitch. Robbins resembles Lucille Ball and exhibits similar comic chops. When Jenkins plays a recording of her singing, Robbins' brings the house down as she gleefully lip synchs. She reminded me of Lucy drinking vitameatavegamin."

DC Metro Theater Arts

Souvenir at Walnut Street Theatre. With Jonas Cohen as Cosme. Photo by Mark Garvin.

"Leading lady Rebecca Robbins is a trained opera singer, yet she is somehow able to recreate the bizarre “musicality” that catapulted the real Madame Flo to Carnegie Hall. She looks like a typical Park Avenue matron in the Margaret Dumont mode but when she sings… well, it resembles the sound of a cat being run over by a car. Listening to her rendition of “The Laughing Song” from Die Fledermaus is like standing in a shower of needles. How can a wonderful singer like Ms. Robbins force herself to sing flat and sharp continually? Movie soundtracks can be altered, but this performance is “live.” You have to see/hear it to believe it. The real Florence Foster Jenkins made recordings, and they attest to the amazing accuracy and comic timing of Ms. Robbins’ performance."

The Philadelphia Inquirer

Souvenir at Walnut Street Theatre. With Jonas Cohen as Cosme. Photo by Mark Garvin.

"With virtuoso resourcefulness, Rebecca Robbins plays Jenkins’ reactions to criticism as bemused, aloof, scornful, pitying, hurt, and often merely nonplussed. Robbins also shines in song. Only an accomplished artist (Robbins studied at Curtis) could sing this badly. And she is close to the real Jenkins sound. (You can hear Jenkins on YouTube.)"

The Philadelphia Inquirer

Souvenir at Walnut Street Theatre. With Jonas Cohen as Cosme. Photo by Mark Garvin.


"Souvenir, A Fantasia on the Life of Florence Foster Jenkins (Walnut Street Theater, Sept. 12-Oct. 15). With its “bravura performance by Rebecca Robbins,” Hugh Hunter (theatre critic) found this play moving, more than a match for the Meryl Streep movie." 



Annie at Walnut Street Theatre. Paul Schoeffler as Warbucks, Tahlia Ellie as Annie. Mark Garvin.

"Rebecca Robbins demands attention as Grace Farrell, Warbucks’ secretary, with her beautiful and expertly produced lyrical voice." - DC Metro Theater Arts 

Jerry's Girls

Jerry's Girls at Walnut Street Theatre. Photo by Mark Garvin.

 "Rebecca Robbins, she of the soaring soprano, recently toured in PHANTOM. Herman's lyrics are so plaintive and touching in "If He Walked Into My Life" from MAME. Robbins embraced the words as if they were her own to torch a ballad to which we all relate."  - Broadway World

Jerry's Girls


 "Rebecca Robbins brings down the house with her showstopping renditions of "Before the Parade Passes By" and "I Am What I Am."  - Talkin' Broadway

The Musical of Musicals (The Musical!)

The Musical of Musicals (The Musical!) With Alex Bechtel. Photo by Mark Garvin.

"Rebecca Robbins proves incredibly flexible as she channels characters a la Aunt Eller, Dolly, and Frau Schneider, and her vocal prowess never fails to impress." - Broadway World  

The Musical of Musicals (The Musical!)

The Musical of Musicals (The Musical!) Photo by Mark Garvin.

"Rebecca Robbins was a worthy leading lady who made Joanne Bogart's roles into her own, with hints of Patti LuPone and Angela Lansbury." - Broad Street Review 

La Vie En Bleu

La Vie En Bleu. Photo by Bret Thomas.

"Rebecca Robbins, blessed with a melodious voice, shines as Picasso's wife, Olga Koklova." - Curtain Up 

Carlotta in The Phantom of The Opera North American Tour.

The Phantom of The Opera

"One of the first characters we meet is the Opera’s Leading Soprano, Carlotta Giudicelli. As I stated before in the performance I saw this role was played by her understudy: Rebecca Robbins. You would have never guessed it. Sometimes you can tell when an understudy is playing the character. This was not the case. Rebecca owned this role and boy did she impress. Great acting and tremendous vocals, carried the Opera through the whole show!" - My 2 Cents Reviews

The Phantom of The Opera

"The restaged production seemed to put a heavier focus on Carlotta (taken from Piangi and Meg), but deservedly so when Carlotta is played as skillfully as Rebecca did. She had a great voice, humorous yet thoughtful acting, and an overall entertaining, engaging portrayal." - Stranger Than You Dreamt Blog  

Great Waters Music Festival

"Smiling and laughing and happy to meet fans in the lobby for autographs and pictures, long after the end of the performance — Rebecca is the type of performer everyone can’t help but love." - Fosters Entertainment